Heating and cooling energy efficiencyENERGY EFFICIENCY & COST SAVINGS

Heating and cooling your home uses more energy and drains more energy dollars than any other system in your home. Understanding operating costs of your heating and cooling appliances can save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills each year. No matter what kind of heating, ventilation and air conditioning system you have in your house, you can save money and increase comfort by properly maintaining and upgrading your equipment.

An energy-efficient furnace or air conditioner alone will not have as great of an impact as combining proper equipment and regularly scheduled maintenance with appropriate insulation, weatherization and thermostat settings. View a list of our preferred vendors offering energy audits and other cost saving information.

Wm. E. Donnelly Heating & Cooling offers these energy efficient tips for maximum savings on your heating and air conditioning systems:


  • Your heating and air conditioning systems typically account for a large portion of your home’s annual energy costs. Research which type is best for your home.
  • When choosing a system, choose one that can pay for itself over the years.
  • E. Donnelly Heating & Cooling offers several types of equipment options from respected, high-quality heating and cooling suppliers. We will ensure the equipment you buy meets the highest efficiency standards to control operating costs throughout your home.


  • In addition to setting your thermostat as low as is comfortable, it is also important to maintain proper humidity in your home. Ask us about how a humidifier can make you more comfortable at lower thermostat settings.
  • Make sure registers, baseboard heaters and radiators are not blocked by furniture, carpeting or drapes.
  • When purchasing new equipment, look for the ENERGY STAR label whenever possible.


  • Limit use of kitchen, bath and other ventilating fans. Turn them off if they are no longer needed.
  • Keep draperies and shades open on south-facing windows during the heating season to allow in the sunlight. Close them at night to reduce the chill from cold windows.


  • Clean warm air registers, baseboard heaters and radiators as needed.
  • Make sure to clean or replace filters on a timely basis.
  • Regularly scheduled professional maintenance will ensure your system’s maximum efficiency.


  • Don’t place lamps or TVs near your thermostat.
  • Plant trees or shrubs to shade air conditioning units but do not block airflow. This can yield substantial savings on your electricity bill.
  • Whole house fans help cool your home by pulling cool air through the house and exhausting warm air through the attic.
  • If you use electricity to heat your home, consider installing an energy-efficient heat pump system. Heat pumps can provide up to three times more heating than the equivalent amount of electric energy they consume.
  • Caulk and weather strip all cracks and openings to the outdoors.
  • Switch to cooler, energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs, which use about 66% less energy than standard bulbs.

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